Vision X – 2019

This exhibition, entitled Vision X, aims to bring together previously unseen works by new emerging Irish artists Aileen Murphy, Glenn Fitzgerald, Eleanor McCaughey and Brian Harte among others with more established international artists Thomas Noskowski, Joyce Pensato Norbert  and Schwontkowski. The exhibition focuses on work that teeters on the edge of perception, dreamlike, sometimes awkward abstraction and subversive figuration that take the way we see apart and question our place in the world.

Artists included in the exhibition, Chantal Joffe, Anna Bjerger, Aileen murphy, Eleanor McCaughey, Glenn Fitzgerald, Kristina Huxley, Diana Copperwhite, Norbert Schwontkowski, Thomas Noskowski, Robert Armstrong, Dannielle Tegeder, Danny Rolph, Brian Harte, Marcus Cope, Joyce Pensato, 

Curated by Diana Copperwhite RHA